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Shanghai 3C Industrial Co., Ltd is professional SPC floor, WPC floor and PVC vinyl floor manufacturer in China. With professional production team and sales/aftersale service, Dajulong achieved great success since it established.


Company News
2019-8-16 17:29:45
PVC Vinyl flooring in Engineering floor materials
this is about PVC Vinyl flooring in Engineering floor materials
2019-8-16 13:44:07
Characteristics Of SPC Flooring
Some new homes are decorated with wooden floors, but for a long time, the wooden floors are easily deformed, warped, and not waterproof. Nowadays, this material is especially popular in foreign countries. The real 0 formaldehyde is not deformed. It is no wonder that it is hot.
2019-8-16 10:05:13
Waterproof SPC Flooring Manufacturer&Supplier from China
SPC Waterproof floor, as its name implies, is rigid core luxury vinyl flooring that has characteristic of waterproof.
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Industry News
2019-8-16 18:28:42
How to repair outdoor artificial turf
Outdoor artificial turf is very common in today's environment. In fact, from the current turf trimming situation, if you really want to make corrections, then everyone must do more when actually taking a break.
2019-8-16 18:02:20
What are the advantages of artificial grass on the roof
The greening of the roof is actually the focus of many people. The artificial grass has relatively more advantages. From the existing situation, the fake turf grass can also solve the situation of roof greening well.
2019-8-16 17:41:03
What are the advantages of artificial turf in winter
What kind of influence does the season have on artificial turf? This is that many people want to know. In fact, in the long snowy winter, it is natural to play a series of advantages, but from the existing situation.
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