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Education Flooring

The Flexible Floor for the education system is used in schools, kindergartens, libraries, museums and other places. Children's special floor, giving children a wonderful happiness and happiness to reassure parents, the best choice for children's peace of mind!

kindergarton Flooring

First: Health and environmental protection, clean and bacteriostatic
Free of Formaldehyde, no radiation, specifically for children to increase the inhibition of bacteria, effectively curb the breeding of bacteria; strict through the EU testing, CE certification, 100% environmentally friendly flooring.

Second: High-elastic anti-skid, silent and noise-proof
The wear layer of the surface of the Resilient Flooring has special anti-slip property. The high-elastic PVC foam layer is used for water-feeling, and the sound absorption is up to 20 decibels. When children play and play, noise reduction and sound insulation are used to relieve sports impact and provide reliable safety.

School Floor

Third: Wear and dirt resistant, easy to clean
PVC Vinyl Roll High-tech processing transparent wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant rotation number up to 300,000 rpm, the surface is UV-treated, easy to clean.

Children Room Floor

Fourth: Stylish design, rich in color
Kindgarton Plastic Floor has well-known design and shape, creating a children's favorite play space, the color is in line with children's psychology, rich in color, leading technology, product cutting is simple and easy. 3C Dajulong pvc Resilient flooring is rich in color. It can be used to splicing various colors according to children's washing, creating a fun game environment and alleviating the visual fatigue in the game, truly letting children experience the joy of combining work and rest.

colorful PVC floor

University Floor

Fifth: : Reinforcement process, durable and durable.
The school has a lot of traffic, the ground receives more serious wear and the color pattern is difficult to maintain. In order to avoid cost and waste of resources, 3C Dajulong PVC elastic floor is treated by anti-aging and fastening technology to ensure the durability of the surface layer and bright color as before. It lasted for ten years.

Computer Room Floor

Sixth: Easy to install, create a fun venue anytime, anywhere.
For the different environments of kindergartens, indoor installation and construction is quick and simple, no cement mortar is needed, and the ground with good conditions is glued with special glue. It can be used after 24 hours.

vinyl floor roll

Seventh: Surface UV treatment, easy to maintain and clean.
There is often oily sewage in the school ground, which is difficult to clean and unsanitary. The 3C Dajulong PVC flexible floor surface is UV-treated for superior anti-fouling and water resistance. The daily cleaning is simple and convenient, and the maintenance cost is low. 3C Dajulong keeps the ground dry and clean, and simply maintains it beyond imagination.

pvc floor covering

Eighth, PVC Floor is only 2-3mm thickness, the weight per square meter is only 2-3KG, less than 10% of ordinary floor materials. In the high-rise buildings, there is an unparalleled advantage for building weight and space savings. At the same time, it has special advantages in the renovation of old buildings.

vinyl roll floor covering

Nineth: PVC Vinyl Floor fire indicators up to B1 level, B1 level that is, fire performance is very good, second only to stone.

Tenth, PVC Floor because the main component is vinyl resin, and water has no affinity, so it is naturally not afraid of water, as long as it is not soaked for a long time will not be damaged; and will not be mildew due to high humidity.

elastic floor vinyl

Eleventh, Vinyl Sheet Roll Flooring has ordinary ground material can not compare sound absorption effect, its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels.

Do not use inferior materials when the school is renovated, so as not to affect the children's health, and among the many materials, pvc flooring is a best choice!

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