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Shanghai 3C Industrial Co., Ltd has been focusing on PVC vinyl flooring manufacturing in China for over 20 years. Main products include SPC rigid core click flooring, WPC diamond core flooring, LVT click, LVT dry back, LVT Loose Lay, homogeneous & heterogeneous vinyl rolls.


Professional production team:

Over 1000 workers works in our 3 factories, production, testing, and production samples in each process of each production line, which promises every piece of our vinyl floor coverings 100% meet customer requirement.


Production Ability:

  50 SPC production lines; 48 LVT production lines, 6 WPC production lines, 10 homogeneous & 6 heterogeneous; we have ability to produce more than 1.5million sqm floor coverings per month.


Quality Control:

  Each production, we have test report by our own lab, test items include dimensions, wear resistance, anti-scratch, tearing and breaking strength, aging, 6P, Light degree etc..


Sales Team:

  More than 20 international sales, 10 domestics, should be worked 3 months in workshops & other departments before sales, which makes sure every sales people knows each production process of the vinyl core flooring. Training every week to make sure every of our sales people knows latest international situation and the politics we could offer to customers.


After-sale Service:

  Promise is promise; Feedback at first time; 24hours online service; any questions be answered within 24 hours.


Product Certificates:

Green Floor

SPC Vinyl Flooring factory

Company Certificates:
CE For SPC Floor

flooring manufacturer China


3C SPC Flooring production lines:


Wear Layer: Soft super clear PVC film

  Production with washing component on the line, to make the wear layer clearer and with higher tearing and scratching strength, less separating out of the DINP.

Wood Grain SPC


Printing Film: 0.07mm digital printing white PVC film

  Whiteness must be 95-degree, softness 40Pa, production speed must be settled properly, if faster than scheduled, the pattern not clear; if slower, the ink spread. Film reach 12P environment standard.

Oak SPC patterns


  Color patterns selected and copied from raw wood and makes vinyl most similar to real wood

Raw SPC patterns 

Rigid Core: PVC Resin, Calcium & plasticizerextrusion

  All raw materials 100% virgin, one-time extrusion 8mm thickness. Calcium should be 400 screen mesh, to make perfect feeling of the core. We also add little Carbon to make grey core for customers.


Backing liner:

  IXPE: Polyethylene is the main raw material, and it is mixed with several other auxiliary materials that do not contain any harmful substances. It has excellent performance in durability, light resistance, and physical impact resistance. XPE itself is chemically stable, difficult to decompose, odorless, and elastic. Normal density 7.5X, 10X, 15X, 20X. Thickness 1mm, 1.5m, 2mm

  EVA: (C2H4)x.(C4H6O2)y, Good softness, shock resistance, non-slip, strong pressure resistance. Thickness 1mm, 1.5m, 2mm
Cork: Normally 1.5mm and 2mm, made of wood composite.

  Backing can be before and after cutting.


Click System:

UNILIN (UNIPUSH), Valinge (2G/5G, Drop Click), I4F


1. UNILIN click system: Mainstream of SPC Vinyl Click lock vinyl flooring


2. Valinge 2G Click Lock: Applicable on thin SPC vinyl
SPC floor covering

3. Valinge 5G click system: Applicable on SPC thicker than 5mm
SPC vinyl click

4. I4F click lock system: economic click  system
SPC click lock flooring

5. Drop click: Easy Installation
drop lock SPC floor covering

Trimming Process:
click vinyl flooring

UV coating:

Normal PUR coating 1 layer, UV Drying;

Normal PUR coating 2 layer, UV Drying & Air-dry

Ceramic Coating: with Aluminum partition in the coating liquid, makes surface more anti-scratch, better wearing strength, better fireproof characters

Surface treatment of SPC Vinyl click 


Product inspect before sending to customers:

SPC vinyl click flooring China
rigid core vinyl flooring
waterproof flooring
fireproof flooring


Packaging and storage:

SPC oak Click vinyl


3C Industrial would be one of your best choice in flooring industry.  Wherever there is construction, there is 3C !!

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