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Cautions in Installation of Kicking Line-Manufacturer & Supplier in China

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Cautions in Installation of Kicking Line

1. The maximum gap between the baseboard and the floor should be less than 3 mm. Plug it with a coin of 1 yuan. If more than 2 pieces are inserted, the gap may be too large.

2. The wall with white cement should be shoveled clean before laying the footline, and then the footline should be laid. After laying, attention should be paid to the protection of the footline, so as to avoid a large amount of paint sticking to the surface of the footline when painting or spraying. It is suggested that after shoveling the cement, the paving position should be brushed with a mixture of 107 glue and cement, and then pasted with bricks, so as to make the bricks stick more firmly.

3. In order to finish the work of closing the entrance to the ground and doorframe, although it seems a bit cumbersome, it is inevitable to use kick-line in home decoration. Generally used is the special decorative wooden strip kick line, wide and narrow, very convenient.

In order to prevent wall damage, but also to beautify the indoor space, and the kick line itself is relatively easy to scrub, daily mopping can avoid dragging directly on the wall, in terms of household effect, different materials of the kick line in the decoration effect has different effects, after all, the kick line in the protection. The wall also has a high decorative effect.

What can replace the kick line?

1. Glass glue filling           

Glass glue can block the gap, because the elasticity of the glass glue itself, and only cover the surface of the gap, so it does not affect the floor expansion.

2. Gypsum board           

Gypsum board is one of the most useful decoration materials, many people will use it to replace the ceiling, in fact, it can be used to decorate the wall. When decorating, you only need to keep the same color with the wall, so that the ground and the wall can be maintained in harmony. Naturally, the face is also a bar drop!

3. Edge-closing strip           

Many people don't even consider using kick line in their home decoration. It's really no problem to replace it with a narrower edge strip. It's good to keep the width between 2 and 3 cm. It also makes the edge of the ground look smoother, so it's popular with many owners.

Kicking line belongs to the later stage of the project, but it is also a place that can not be ignored, so I suggest that you know more about the relevant knowledge, until the later stage of decoration of kicking line, you can have a good idea. 

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