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Some typical characteristics for SPC flooring China

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SPC flooring China is non-slip and anti-slip reaches the European standard R9. The heat transfer coefficient is low, so the anti-skid performance is excellent. Compared with ordinary tiles and stones, the SPC floor feels more sturdy in the case of sticky water, and it is not easy to slip, so in public places with high safety requirements such as toilets and bathrooms. Hospitals, kindergartens, nursing centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, etc. are the preferred floor decoration materials, which have become very popular in China in recent years.

SPC flooring China

The fireproof performance of SPC core flooring and homogenous corrugated floor has reached the B1 level of the Chinese national standard GB8624-2006. The fire performance is superior to wood flooring and carpet, second only to stone.

SPC core flooring

PVC vinyl flooring has ordinary ground material can not compare sound absorption, its sound absorption performance can reach 15-18 decibels, so in the need for quiet environment such as hospital ward, school library, lecture hall, theater, etc. choose pvc floor, you will never Need to worry about the impact of high-heeled shoes and ground knocking on your thinking, pvc flooring can provide you with a more comfortable and more humane living environment.

PVC vinyl flooring

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