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The specification of SPC rigid core flooring

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1. Convenience of SPC rigid core flooring - it can be cut, sawn, planable, nailable, lacquerable, bondable, and it has an excellent industrial design. Most of them are designed with sockets, bayonet and splicing. Therefore, the installation of it saves time, the speed is extremely fast, the installation is simple, and the construction is simple.

SPC rigid core flooring

2. The uniqueness of waterproof SPC rigid flooring——It is made of wood fiber mixed with plastic and heated and injection molding. It does not use materials containing harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, cyanogen, etc., eliminating the decoration pollution, no maintenance and maintenance, no It is polluted, pollution-free, and has the characteristics of attracting energy.

3. Cycling – SPC flooring has the unique characteristics of recyclability that meets sustainability requirements.

waterproof SPC rigid flooring

4. Diversity of SPC floor – the series is suitable for general laying and floor heating.

5. Energy saving of anti-static SPC flooring – Wood plastic products have the characteristics of green energy saving, and indoor energy saving is up to 30%.

6. SPC vinyl flooring is used in a wide range of applications - for living, hotel, entertainment, bathing, office, kitchen, school, sports, shopping and other environments.

anti-static SPC flooring

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