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What floor is suitable for hotel

Update:2019-4-6 12:41:18 Views:11

SPC stone plastic material is a new type of chemical material for waterproofing and insect proofing. This material is upgraded on the original PVC floor material, increasing the thickness of the floor and the thickness of the wear layer on the surface.

The thickness of PVC stone plastic floor is about 2mm, the thickness of SPC can be increased to 3.5mm, 4.0mm, or even 10mm thickness, but because the density of the floor is relatively large, the thicker the thickness, the heavier the weight, the cost of transportation and production. Relatively will increase a lot.

One of the benefits of this material is the characteristics and functions of PVC flooring, such as self-cleaning function of the floor, waterproof, mildewproof, and also the advantages of composite flooring, lock installation, glue-free. The service life of the product is greatly improved, because the glue has a time-dependent property, that is, the glue is prone to aging, loses adhesion, and cleaning the original glue is a very large project.

We sell SPC stone-plastic flooring, for Europe and other places, to serve our customers, we hope that our products can solve the problems of many hotel and hotel owners in choosing the floor.

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