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Why choose Conductive Static Dissipative Flooring Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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Nowadays, Conductive Static Dissipative Flooring is widely used in high-end office buildings, power distribution rooms, electronic computer rooms, satellite ground station rooms, radio control rooms, launchers, control rooms, microwave communication station rooms, program-controlled telephone exchange rooms, clean workshops, electronic instrument factory assembly Workshop, confidential optical instrument manufacturing workshop, hospital, school, and other office space and anti-static requirements of the work site. How to protect worker’s safe is not only the company’s responsibility, but also the social responsibility. Especially in the room with many electricity line.

Conductive Static Dissipative Flooring

The wide application of anti-static flooring undoubtedly provides a lot of convenience to our lives.This convenience is first and foremost reflected in its installation, laying and maintenance. It also protects a variety of cables, wires, data lines and sockets. Secondly, the anti-static floor can eliminate the danger of cable exposure to the human body. It can leak static electricity to the ground and reflect electromagnetic radiation. Protect workers in the electronic room from electricity.

Conductive Static Dissipative Flooring China

Once again, the anti-static floor can achieve satisfactory airflow organization in the electronic equipment room, electronic equipment factory assembly workshop, control room and other spaces.

PVC Conductive Static Dissipative Flooring is very light, and has resilient property, which can reduce the injury for the worker from falling.

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