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How can the quality of homogenous floor be different

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The homogenous floor is a high wear-resistant PVC floor made of other materials added to pure PVC. But if the quality is poor, it is not very wearable. How can the quality of homogenous PVC flooring be different?

homogeneous floor

1.wear resistant    

 The homogenous vinyl floor is composed of PVC, filler and plasticizer. It is not pure PVC structure. The more difficult it is to wear, the less the material is filled in the floor, the quality of the floor. The higher.

European standards, PVC floor wear resistance grades from high to low are T, P, M, F grades, T grade is almost zero wear.

2. visual inspection    

If the middle layer looks like a powdery state, it proves that the stone powder content is too high; If the middle layer is found to have fine holes, it proves that the floor is not dense enough.

homogeneous pvc flooring

3.surface treatment: PU, PUR     

PU is the surface treatment of polyurethane, a layer of polyurethane is sealed on the surface to block the capillary pores to prevent the dirt from penetrating. Into the floor. But this is limited to surface treatment. After the surface layer is worn, the PU treatment effect disappears.   

PUR is a deep-strength treatment of polyurethane. Through the calendaring process, the polyurethane is penetrated to the entire thickness of the floor.

homogeneous vinyl floor

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